Human Politics Human Value

Human Politics : Human Value - Martin Whitlock

  • "The best book on What’s Wrong since Peter Oborne’s The Political Class. It deserves a mass audience."
  • "Near-perfect in its diagnosis and advocacy."
  • "Doesn't settle for the usual answers ... an unusual originality and clarity of thought."
“In the 21st century the most innovative and inspiring ideas for the future of mankind seem to be coming from thinkers who operate outside traditional disciplines. In connecting the failures of conventional economics to the need to reimagine our political institutions and social systems, Martin Whitlock has written a guiding narrative for the world we want for ourselves and our children." Lorenzo Fioramonti, author of Gross Domestic Problem, The politics behind the world's most powerful number. 

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J M Keynes, writing in 1930, reckoned that by now the economy would be so productive that we would all be living comfortably on 15 hours work a week. He was right about the productivity, so what's happened to all the leisure time? Human Politics : Human Value explores how a society that has grown so productive "on paper", with GDP increasing at the fastest rate ever in the decade running up to the banking crisis, has caused average incomes to stagnate or even decline, and now requires everybody to do more and more paid hours to make ends meet.