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Mr Howard of the daylight

3 November 2003

Michael Howard is promising a new kind of politics, without "narrow partisan opportunism". The British public may be ready for this, but is Mr Howard? Really?

Changing the light bulb

13 October 2003

The Tory party lacks credibility because it can't agree what sort of credibility it wants. Until it does, all its handsome new policy initiatives will be beside the point.

Tony Blair's big idea

6 October 2003

Tony Blair's big speech lacked purposeful ideas about where to take his government. For Labour, he seemed to say, the best it can hope to do is keep the Tories at bay.

It’s not the policies, stupid.

5 May 2003

The results of the local elections in England raise questions for all three main parties. But really it all comes down to one big question: What is a political party for?