Martin Whitlock - political writings 2001-2004

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Mindhenge is:

A fresh look at politics from a rational-open-minded perspective, with the aim of rescuing political process from spin-doctors, ideologues and power-brokers and exposing it to the cool light of reasoned, problem-solving analysis.

What is policy for? No, what is it really for? Will it work? Ought it to work? Is it consistent? Regular weekly articles in Mindhenge ask these questions and more, analysing the way that politics are conducted and their effectiveness in solving social problems related to crime, poverty, health, transport and education as well as the wider international issues of globalisation, development, war, terrorism and migration.

Mindhenge articles are grouped into loose categories as shown in the column on the left. Many of the pieces are wide-ranging and are therefore to be found in more than one category.

Mindhenge is:

Martin Whitlock, a writer and consultant with 15 years experience of creative problem-solving in the commercial and voluntary sectors, and a life-long political analyst.

Martin's creative skills are not purely theoretical. He has extensive practical experience of design, building and creative art, and in 2001 he and his family were featured building their own barn conversion in the Channel 4 television series, Grand Designs.

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