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Dangerous language

10 November 2003

The term "anti-Semitism" has a uniquely powerful association that is both useful and dangerous for those who support the policy of the Israeli government.

The admirable Mr Dingemans

29 September 2003

British politics is drowning in a culture of confrontation where reason and objectivity have little place. The Hutton enquiry shows that there can be another way.

The "when?" of destiny

1 September 2003

Some things are bound to happen, one day, but it needn't be tomorrow. If future generations are to thank them, political leaders need to know when to embrace destiny and when to fight it with a policy of "inevitability postponed".

Feeling for the truth

25 August 2003

The September dossier on WMD was not so much a balanced judgement as the case for the prosecution. Where in Downing Street were the people making the case for the other side?

To speak plainly

4 August 2003

Language is democratic because only the listener or reader decides what it means. When a writer or speaker attempts to impose their message, they only succeed in deluding themselves.

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