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Calling "time" on prohibition

14 June 2004

John Reid's remarks about smoking are a timely reminder that behavioural change depends upon providing attractive alternatives. Mere enforcement is not enough.


The cherry on the stick

31 May 2004

A "calorie tax" is not coercive; it does not force people into certain choices. Rather, it gives self-interest an opportunity that social and economic pressures might otherwise deny.


Test tube politics

1 March 2004

The government wants a national standard for the availability of medical interventions such as IVF, but it also wants local people to have a greater say in the provision of services in their area. This paradox will not resolve itself for so long as national politics remains the only show in town.

What do we want? We

26 May 2003

Hands up anybody who knows what drugs policy in Britain is designed to achieve. In an area of a thousand policy objectives and targets, what's the big picture?

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