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The problem with "no"

21 June 2004

Saying "no" is not enough. When people start to question UKIP's alternative they will find the answers to be pretty thin.

Time to say "yes"

7 June 2004

Public attitudes are so poisoned that for British governments there can be no such thing as a successful policy on Europe.

Clever, modest and misunderstood

17 May 2004

The development of the European Union has been a quiet, understated exercise in compromise which Britons might be expected to appreciate if they were permitted the political head space to reflect upon it.

Not insular, but everywhere

26 April 2004

In agreeing to hold a referendum on Europe, Tony Blair has set himself the ambitious task of re-writing powerful British myths about themselves and their neighbours.

The bomb and the ballot - continued

22 March 2004

The Spanish people were always against the war in Iraq, and they still are, but their consistency has not stopped U.S. Republican Congressman Dennis Hastert accusing them of appeasing terrorists. He could not be more wrong.

The bomb and the ballot

15 March 2004

The outcome of the Spanish election is not a victory for the terrorists but a recognition that international terrorism is a symptom of a global political and social malaise that the rich, western world has the primary responsibility to address.

Jaw, jaw in Europe: evolution takes time (lots of it)

28 April 2003

When Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg sat down last week to talk about European defence co-operation, their efforts received a mixed reception. Some people were irritated, some derisive, some embarrassed, some sceptical and some, doubtless, quietly pleased.

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