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Metaphorical jig-saw puzzles

26 January 2004

The government will get no where if it continues to make war against young people. Occupation, not punishment, is what they need.

Fast cars and cannabis

12 January 2004

When laws are broken by responsible people in their millions, enforcement is not the answer. It's time for the government to look for a more constructive approach.

A risky business

22 December 2003

Governments cannot legislate against things going wrong, and efforts to reduce the number of failures below a certain level produce negative returns.

Criminal logic

8 September 2003

When the degree of suffering inflicted on the guilty is the measure of society's moral self-affirmation, something, somewhere, has gone badly wrong.

What do we want? We

26 May 2003

Hands up anybody who knows what drugs policy in Britain is designed to achieve. In an area of a thousand policy objectives and targets, what's the big picture?

When perception is the problem

12 May 2003

When it comes to votes, public perception matters more than statistical reality. This makes politicians say (and do) foolish things. In the end we all pay for it.

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