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Creating the problem-solving nexus

Martin Whitlock, the creator of Mindhenge, practices a problem-solving approach to issues of policy and decision-making. While some consultants specialise in marketing, or taxation, or specific areas of policy, Martin specialises in thinking, or the practical skill of working things out.

Martin can provide creative ("plant") and analytical ("monitor-evaluator") functions to supplement a client's existing team. The presence of these two types creates the "problem-solving nexus" in which analysis of a situation is allied with the creative flair necessary to discern solutions.

Problem-solving consultancy, offering help with:


Problem-solving consultancy...

The object is simple: to increase the intellectual rigour of the decision-making process in order to achieve a better match between intention and result.

Client value: Time spent working out the right thing to do is relatively cheap. Implementing the wrong decision (and then undoing it) is costly in time, resources and lost opportunity.

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