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Immigration tango

5 April 2004

The government's immigration policy is collapsing because it is trying to do one thing while saying another.

Blair loses the brand

16 February 2004

The failure of the Prime Minister to support his own government's worked-out policy on immigration by workers from the E.U. accession countries of eastern Europe illustrates the credibility gap he has opened up with an increasingly unconvinced electorate. Pandering to the right wing press on the issue will not paper over the cracks.

The nasty government?

1 December 2003

Tory leader Michael Howard sounded more liberal than the government on asylum last week. So perhaps it's time to acknowledge that the public attitudes on this issue are more complicated than they look.

Making asylum work

27 October 2003

Asylum seekers and economic migrants can be an asset as well as a cost. Letting them work while their cases are considered is useful for society and saves money, too.

Losing at cards

20 October 2003

Civil society is complicated and messy. Giving everyone a piece of plastic with a number on it will not make it less so.

The cruelty of numbers

11 August 2003

By toughening up on asylum-seekers, the government is turning complicated human issues into a numbers game that it cannot win. Spare a thought for the innocent victims caught in the fall out.

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